Training Calendar
2023 - 2024
Sl.Training TitleMonth
  Farmers and Farm Women
1. Nutrient Dense Ready to use (Rtu) Multigrain Mixes-FLD (F&FW) April 2023
2.Value Addition in Groundnuts and Gingelly (F&FW)April 2023
3.Integrated cultivation technologies in Banana. Especially for SC, ST farmersApril 2023
4.Summer management in dairy animalsMay 2023 
5.Skill training on Different Masala Powder Preparation (F&FW)(2 Days) Beekeeping (RY)May 2023
6.Value Added Products from Mango (F&FW)May 2023
7.Integrated pest and diseases management in PaddyMay 2023
8.Integrated pest and diseases management in GrapesMay 2023
9.Good Agricultural Practices in TomatoMay 2023 
10.Integrated Crop Management in GrapesMay 2023
11.Integrated Nutrient Management in Black gramMay 2023
12.Organic Nutrient Management Practices in TomatoMay 2023
13.Integrated Nutrient Management in GroundnutMay 2023
14.Training on Enhancement of Social Capital in Farmers Interests Group (FIGs)May 2023 
15.Integrated Crop Management in PaddyMay 2023 
16.Integrated minor millets cultivation technologies May 2023
17.Integrated Crop Management in TenaiMay 2023
18.Disease management in poultryJune 2023
19.Development of supplementary and low cost nutrient foods from basic five food groups June 2023
20.Safe Storage Techniques for pulses-OFT (F&FW)June 2023
21.Integrated pest and diseases management in BananaJune 2023
22.Integrated pest management in CoconutJune 2023
23.Integrated Crop Management in OnionJune 2023
24.Grape byproducts production technology June 2023
25.Cost effective nutrient management practices in PaddyJune 2023
26.Integrated Nutrient Management in SugarcaneJune 2023
27.Training Programme on Financial Linkages available for farming communityJune 2023
28.Integrated Crop Management in SorghumJune 2023
29.Integrated crop management practices in VADT 58 Paddy cultivation June 2023
30.Prevention and control of mastitis in dairy cowsJuly 2023
31.Skill training on Post-Harvest Management and Value Addition in Coconut (Rural Youth)July 2023
32.Recent technologies in Coconut cultivationJuly 2023
33.Integrated Crop Management in Moringa July 2023
34.Value Added products from Grapes OFT-(F&FW)July 2023
35.Integrated diseases management in PulsesJuly 2023
36.Integrated pest and diseases management in MoringaJuly 2023
37.Integrated pest management in BrinjalJuly 2023
38.Integrated Nutrient Management in CoconutJuly 2023
39.Integrated Nutrient Management in GrapesJuly 2023
40.Training on Information Communication Technologies(ICTs) Applications among farmersJuly 2023
41.Training Programme on Expert System Mobile Applications among farmersJuly 2023
42.Integrated Crop Management in Groundnut July 2023
43.Integrated Crop Management in Cotton July 2023
44.Integrated pest and diseases management in OnionAugust 2023
45.Integrated pest and diseases management in CashewAugust 2023
46.Prevention and disease management in sheep and goatsAugust 2023
47.Production of Fruits and Vegetable Powder (F&FW)August 2023
48.Millets by-products (F&FW)August 2023
49.Pest management in banana cultivationAugust 2023
50.Off season production technologies in jasmine August 2023
51.Training Programme on Agricultural schemes and services available for farming communityAugust 2023
52.Integrated Nutrient Management in BananaAugust 2023
53.Integrated Nutrient Management in GuavaAugust 2023
54.Integrated Crop Management in CumbuAugust 2023
55.Integrated Crop Management in Maize August 2023
56.Coconut based cropping systemSeptember 2023
57.Prevention and control of tick infestation in dairy cowsSeptember 2023
58.Processing and Value-Added Products from Millets (RY)September 2023
59.Household food security by nutrition gardening September 2023
60.Value Added Products from Moringa (F&FW)September 2023
61.Integrated pest management in Maize September 2023
62.Nematode management in Grape cultivationSeptember 2023
63.Manure preparation technologiesSeptember 2023
64.Training on Seed Production and Certification among farming communitySeptember 2023
65.Preparation of compound feed with locally available ingredientsOctober 2023
66.Immune Boosting Soup using Dried Leaf /Powder-FLD (F&FW)October 2023
67.Value Added Products from Milk (RY)October 2023
68.Quail rearing and ManagementNovember 2023
69.Value Addition in Tomato (RY)November 2023
70.Value added products Banana (F&FW)November 2023
71.Integrated fodder production technologies December 2023
72.Importance and benefits of organic farming December 2024
73.Importance of mineral mixture in livestock feedingDecember 2023
74.Dehydrated Products using Domestic Solar Dryer (F&FW)December 2023
75.Low cost and nutrient rice foods from locally available produces (F&FW) December 2023
76.Value Added Products from Moringa (F&FW)December 2023
77.Dehydrated products using vegetables (F&FW)December 2023
78.Integrated Nutrient Management in OnionDec 2023
79.Integrated fodder production technologies December 2023
80.Prevention and management of metabolic diseases in dairy animalsJanuary 2024
81Value-Added Products from Tamarind (F&FW)January 2024
82.Value Addition in Banana (RY)January 2024
83.Increase milk production with multi Fodder productionFebruary 2024
84.Skill Training on Value added products from Flowers (2 Days) February 2024
85.Value Addition in BetelvineFebruary 2024
86.Value Addition in Green Chilli (F&FW)March 2024
87.Value Addition in Cashew (F&FW)March 2024
Sl.Training TitleMonth
   Rural Youth
88.Production of bio fertilizer and organic manures in soil fertilityApr 2023
89.Enriched compost preparationApr 2023
90.Pulses seed Production technologiesApril 2023
91.Panchakavya production April 2023
92.Non alcoholic Grape beverage production May 2023
93.Non alcoholic Grape beverage production May 2023
94.Training on agri-business Opportunities available for rural youthSeptember 2023
95.Training on Information Communication Technologies(ICTs) Applications among Rural youthOctober 2023
96.Improved vegetable seed production technologiesDecember 2023
97.Vermicompost production technologyDecember 2023
98.Fodder seed production technologiesDecember 2023
   Sponsored Training
99.Good Agricultural Practices in Horticultural crops especially for Tribal farmersApril 2023
100.Improved Millets Production technologies August 2023 
101.Vermicompost production technologyFebruary 2024
102.Skill Training on usage of ICT tools among community resource personsFebruary 2024
103.Good Agricultural Practices February 2024 
   Extension Personnel
104.Production of Organic Crop BoostersApr 2023
105.Minor millets production technologies April 2023
106.Training Programme on Managerial Skills for members Board of Directors(BODs) in Farmer Producer OrganizationJune 2023 
107.Improved agricultural practices January 2024 
108.Training Programme on usage of ICT Applications in Agriculture for Para-Extension workers November 2023
109.Training on Leadership Development for Women Extension FunctionariesDecember 2023
110.Orientation Training on KVK activities to NGO workersJanuary 2024
111.Improved Nursery technologies January 2024 
112.Micronutrient Management Practices in Horticultural CropsJanuary 2024
   Vocational Training
113.Integrated Farming System October 2023
114.Production of Organic Farming October 2023 
115.Natural farmingNovember 2023