Home Science

Division of Home Science

Home Science integrates the application of various science and Humanities to improve human environment, family nutrition, management of resources and child development.

Major Responsibilities of the Home Scientists

  • Addressing problems of under – employment, unemployment, poverty and malnutrition in the rural and urban areas.
  • Promoting value addition to agricultural products and providing strong market support for disposal of agricultural products.
  • Developing home scale and village level post harvest technologies for minimizing post harvest losses.
  • Develop modern preservation techniques for preserving the surplus foods.
  • Developing and popularizing suitable agro textiles for use in agriculture.
  • Developing and utilizing solar lighting and solar drying equipment which may be of use in the agricultural sector.
  • Develop work simplification techniques and small equipment for farmer and farmwomen.
  • Designing and developing simple tools, implements and other safety measures needed during agricultural operations.
  • Effective production of biogas for farm and home operations.
  • Promote kitchen gardening, mushroom production and bee keeping.
  • Bringing about consumer awareness.

Training Thematic Areas

  • Household food security by kitchen gardening and nutrition.
  • Design and development of low/minimum cost diet.
  • Designating and development for high nutrient efficiency diet.
  • Minimization of nutrient loss in processing.
  • Processing and Cooking.
  • Gender mainstreaming through SHGs.
  • Storage loss minimization techniques.
  • Value Addition.
  • Women empowerment.
  • Location specific drudgery reduction and mitigation technologies.
  • Rural crafts.
  • Women and Child Care.

Training Programme 2019-2020

  • Value Addition in Mango.
  • Development of Value Added product (Amchur powder) from unripe Mango.
  • Gur Coconut and Neera Tapping Techniques.
  • Drudgery Reduction Technology using Bhendi Ring Cutter.
  • Development of Value added products from locally available fruits and vegetable using solar dryer.
  • Banana Fiber Extraction and its value addition.
  • Extraction of Natural Dye from Marigold flower.
  • Spirulina Production and Value Addition.
  • Bee Keepers Beginners Training.
  • Food Processing and Preservation Techniques.
  • Value added products from Grapes.
  • Value Addition in Tomato.
  • Cashew Apple utilization for unemployed women.
  • Extraction of Natural Dye from Marigold Flower.
  • Value Addition in Ragi.
  • Shelf life enhancement in Jasmine.
  • Drudgery Reducing Demonstration of Vegetable Seedling Transplanter.
  • Nutritional Terrace Garden.
  • Value added products from Moringa leafs.
  • Household techniques for detection of adulteration in commonly used foods.
  • ITK on Safe Storage of Cereals and Pulses.
  • Development of value added products from Sprouted pulses.