Animal Science

Division of Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry Division plays a major role in providing veterinary health care and improving the genetic production potentialities of livestock and poultry rearing Animal husbandry contributes significantly in supplementing the income of small, marginal farmers and landless labourers and in generating gainful employment opportunities especially self-employment to a substantial number of rural and urban population many of whom are women who play a major role in the care and management of livestock. It serves as a vital source for providing nutritious protein rich balanced food in the form of milk, egg, meat and value added products. Moreover, they are also intricately associated with the social, cultural and traditional values of the region.


1. Need based training programmes conducted on livestock and poultry sector for Practicing Farmers, Farm Women and Rural Youth

  • Importance of Soil & Water Testing.
  • Soil Health Management.
  • Integrated Nutrient Management practice
  • Nutrient management through balanced nutrition and increasing nutrient use efficiency Fertigation; importance and their advantages.
  • Summer management in dairy animals.
  • Disease management in poultry.
  • Prevention and control of mastitis in dairy cows.
  • Prevention and disease management in sheep and goats.
  • Prevention and control of tick infestation in dairy cows.
  • Preparation of compound feed with locally available ingredients.
  • Quail rearing and Management.
  • Importance of mineral mixture in livestock feeding.
  • Prevention and management of metabolic diseases in dairy animals.
  • Increase milk production with multi Fodder production.
  • Importance and benefits of organic farming.

2. Training programmes of innovative technologies conducted to Extension Functionaries for dissemination of technologies among the farmers

  • Prevention and control of mastitis in milch cows by using of Mastiguard.
  • Control of Tick infestations in milch cows by using of tick shield.
  • Increase the milk yield in milch cows by using of multi fodder method cultivation.